Previous Invited Speakers

ClaraPasse2Clara Pereira Coutinho is Assistant Professor at the Department of Curriculum Studies and Educational Technology at the Institute of Education, Minho University, Braga, Portugal. She teaches Educational Technology and Research Methods in Education in master and doctoral education programs. She has a wide experience in the design of ICT teacher education programs and also in the field of Research Methods in Education. More recently research includes the use of Web 2.0 tools in teaching and learning.  She participates in several national and international research projects on e-learning, digital manipulatives for children and digital storytelling. She has published widely in prestigious national and international journals and conference proceedings, including two books one of which in Research Methods in the Social Sciences whose 2nd edition was published in 2013. Additional information can be found in the website available at:

Emiko Yoshikawa EgryEmiko Yoshikawa Egry RN, MNSc, PhD and Full Professor, she is currently Professor of the Department of Collective Health Nursing in the School of Nursing of Sao Paulo University (USP), Brazil. For decades conducts studies and surveys seeking to systematize a methodology for intervention in collective health, guided by reference of historical and dialectical materialism. She has extensive experience in undergraduate and graduate nursing in collective health. Guides researchers undergraduates, masters, doctorate and post doctorate. Former Director of the School of Nursing of USP. Produced books, book chapters and articles published in international journals, whose most prominent themes were: theoretical and methodological foundations of nursing in collective health, labor process in health sector and nursing;  international classification of nursing practice in collective health – ICNPCH; health needs assessment; skills in collective health nursing; hospitalization primary health care sensitive conditions, and more recently on the prevention and fight child violence from the perspective of qualification of the workforce. She is a A1 fellow researcher of Brazilian National Council of Research and Scientific Publisher of the Journal of School of Nursing of USP, JCR 0,455 and indexed in major databases such as SciELO, ISI and Scopus. Currently her research group develops a project “Empowering primary care health professionals to tackle child violence”, funded by the Foundation for Research Support of the State of São Paulo – FAPESP, in joint call with Maria Cecilia Souto Vidigal Foundation.


Maria do Céu Roldão is at present invited professor and researcher at the Catholic University of Portugal. She retired in 2005 from the School of Education of Santarém (n and has also collaborated in a regular way  as a professor and a researcher at the Catholic University, Universities of Aveiro, Azores and Minho (Portugal) within the fields of teacher education, professional knowledge and curriculum theory. She worked for 18 years with elementary school children as a teacher, and teacher trainer, of history and social sciences. In 1984, she returned to academia, working from that time till her retirement in teacher education and research on curriculum.  She received her Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction from Simon Fraser University (Canada) in 1992 and her aggregation in 2003 from the University of Aveiro, in Education and Curriculum. She is actually associated researcher at the Center of Human Development and invited professor at the Portuguese Catholic University. She has participated in several national and international (OECD) projects in the curriculum area, and has worked as a curriculum consultant with UNESCO and the Portuguese Ministry of Education. She has been involved  involved in collaboration as a curriculum consultant with the Univesity of Cabo Verde, and at present time as  a consultant and a professor with several universities in Brazil and the Catholic University of Mozambique. She was a member of European Educational Research Journal Editorial Board. Her major research interests are in curriculum and teaching, professional knowledge and teacher education. She has published 69 articles, 63 chapters in educational books, and 21 books as author  and 9 as organizer or coordinator.