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Universidade Tiradentes (UNIT) is a Brazilian private higher education institution founded in 1962 with campus in the cities of  Aracaju, Itabaiana, Propriá and Estância. Its mission is to transform and develop the society through excellence of services related to education, providing comprehensive and continuous training of the citizen. Universidade Tiradentes is always trying to educate people with an entrepreneurial, reflective, critical spirit and committed to social changes and regional development. The University is committed, at all levels and all areas, to the dissemination and application of knowledge and learning. It promotes the acquisition of skills and competences through an excellent higher education, focused on regional development, civic responsibility, defense of human dignity, expansion of culture, socioeconomic development and environmental preservation. In its different campus, various Undergraduates and Post-graduate Degree Programs are taught in the departments of Biological Sciences,  Engineering, Social and Human Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Law, Education, Gastronomy, MBA. Regarding the on-line education, the University offers two Master Programs on Pre-School Education and on Social Projects Planning and Management. All courses integrate technology as an important methodology resource.

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